By Dimitris Bekiaris

Golden Dawn was officially labeled a criminal organisation by the Greek Justice. Unlike Y. Pretenteris and other similar journalists who, after the imposition of the memorandum strategy in Greece and the sharp rise in popularity of the Nazi gang, claimed that “they didn’t know back then”, the Nazi organisation is well-known for its notorious activities since the 1980s. The descendants of the Security Battalions and the traitors who collaborated with the Nazis during the Occupation, the praisers of the military Junta, the underworld that tried to defile the notion of “patriotism”, this gang of petty gangsters, thugs and criminals disguised themselves as a political party and eventually managed to enter the Greek Parliament in 2012. Did they achieve this all by themselves? Of course not. The Nazi criminal organization, which was voted for by about half a million Greeks, played well and consistently the game of the elite and disciplinedly participated in the organized plan of some other “descendants”, the descendants of the bootlickers and the black marketeers of the German Occupation (who eventually found themselves on the top of German companies and gained political and economic power). As back then, so in recent years and especially at the beginning of the memorandum era in Greece, when the way to power was open for the Left, the elites fed and guided the “luben” elements of society who, as during the Occupation they formed the treacherous Security Battalions, so in the last decade they manned the “Storm Battalions” of the Nazi organisation. Their goal is always the same, in the past, in the present and in the future: To put an end to the growth of the popular movement, to impede the imminent change of the status quo, to protect the interests of the oligarchy.

October 7 is a historic day, as the Greek Justice ruled the – already condemned in the conscience of the Greek people – Nazi gang a criminal organization.

The ruling, even though it satisfies both the law and the popular sentiment, even though it delivers justice and fulfills the demand “the Nazis in prison”, it ultimately leaves questions and gaps in everything that has to do with the complete activity of the Nazi criminal organization.

One of the largest “black holes”, one of the “forbidden zones” in the history of the political growth – be it coincidental or not- of the phenomenon of neo-Nazism in our country is the truth regarding the sources of funding and the invisible financiers of the criminal organization. Much has been written and even more has been said and heard. The names that have been entangled in rumors are “heavy”. The facts are indisputable. Who could forget that the Nazi gang had posed a string of questions in Parliament in favor of specific shipping interests? Who can forget that years ago a report (not a journalistic one) that saw the light of day had named a powerful economic factor as the main financier of Golden Dawn? Is it a coincidence that back then some stinkers, who pretend to be Leftists but actually work for shipowners, had undertaken a supposedly journalistic investigation, which was aimed at the public’s disorientation, as they tried to direct people’s attention to sources of funding (apart from trafficking, the underworld, priests, medium or even small businessmen, etc.) in so-called “centers” found in Eastern Europe or their competitors? Of course, it is no surprise that money from Eastern Europe reached the leadership of the gang, but it was not the only place that money came from, nor was it only the USA or Canada (as it was written). There were also domestic, local sources of funding. Who doesn’t remember the revealing report of a British TV station that brought to light allegations of direct funding to the Golden Dawn by Greek businessmen? Who doesn’t remember the complaints about the deliberate funnelling of Golden Dawn votes to a specific Mayor, who supported and still supports a specific businessman? Another important question is the following: Which was the political party that, according to a former Golden Dawn executive, sent election material for the Golden Dawn campaign in European elections in the past? Which are the colossal interests that used Golden Dawn to “cleanse” the blight center of the Greek capital in order to buy real estate and then, in the context of “upgrading” entire areas in the center of Athens, to earn huge amounts of money? Who were the newspaper publishers that regularly communicated with the gang’s leader?

Unfortunately, these questions may never be answered. However, in order not to see history repeating itself as farce, and especially as a tragedy, people must look soberly at the facts. Golden Dawn will go to jail. But the hand that fed the snake of nazism when it came out of its egg is still out there. And the worst thing is that today, the financiers of Golden Dawn and their minions are celebrating the conviction of the Nazi gang. But let us always keep in mind and be sure that when conditions demand it, when the elites feel that their interests are threatened or that the map of political correlations changes or that society and the people’s movement prepare to claim their rights from a position of power, then they will reach out again to “feed the snake”.

In 2012, Alexis Tsipras, speaking at the pre-election rally of SYRIZA in Serres, had referred to the secret financiers of Golden Dawn.

“It is no coincidence that certain pro-memorandum circles, in order to save the memorandum policy, have brought forward the Golden Dawn. It is not acceptable to see the president of Golden Dawn doing the Nazi salute in front of the Greeks, a people who suffered through the war. This party has allies and some high-ranking officials are funding it. And we will find them, tax them and bring them to justice” said the president of SYRIZA.

Eight years have passed. Eventually, they were neither found, nor taxed, nor brought to justice.

So, the question remains unanswered: Who’s going to find and judge the financiers and leaders of the Nazi criminal organization?