No more than a few days have passed since the disclosure of the governmental intervention in the bidding process for the management of the Psyttaleia Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), and the well-known contractors, that have been scandalously managing the Plant for decades in a monopolistic manner, have already started expressing their panic about the forthcoming developments.

It is notable that the complaints of the French corporate giant “Suez” concerning schemes that aimed to eliminate the two out of three bidders for the management of the Psyttaleia WWTP have reached the Prime Minister’s office.

According to the accusations of the french company – which expressed its strong dissatisfaction and communicated it to the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis –

the Evaluation Committee excluded from the bidding process the two out of three bidders, doing so in a scandalous and underhanded manner.

And now, in an excessively audacious manner, the contractors that have been scandalously monopolizing the project for 15 years, by achieving continuous contract renewals are issuing publications according to which, allegedly, the french company “doesn’t seem to care about the competition, since it’s participating with only 10% in the consortium that takes part in the competition”, reaching the arbitrary conclusion that “since Suez is participating with only 10%, then its profit of five years would be about 13 million €, which comes down to a mere 2,5 million € each year, not even a real profit”. They are also propagating that the greek competitors of the “National Contractors” are using the french company as a means to exert pressure on the Greek government. Furthermore, they are untruthfully claiming to be the only ones that have the technical knowledge needed for the proper operation of the Psyttaleia WWTP.

Nevertheless, the reality is completely different. The interest on the project and the consequent worry of the french company were of such magnitude, that there was even an intervention from the Embassy of France. And of such magnitude is the audacity of the “National Contractors”, that not only did they try to downgrade the intervention of the french side in a speculative manner, but they also tried to slander the French Embassy, claiming that the French are very close to the Greek Prime Minister, giving him and his entourage various commands. It is easily understandable that the “National Contractors” have no concern about the international relations of Greece, even in such crucial circumstances for the national issues, in which circumstances France plays a decisive role. The only thing they care about, as in other similar situations,

is to save their company from the various problems it faces, no matter the cost for society and the country.

Unprecedented scheme

The attempt of EYDAP (Greek Water Supply and Sewerage Company) to easily eliminate the french company from the competition has caused a strong impression, intense reactions and a wide range of rumors, since a significant number of people in business expressed their opinions about an unprecedented scheme to award the contract to the company “ELLAKTOR”.

According to some well-informed circles, the scandalous offstage schemes are closely linked to the various economic and other problems of the mentioned company. What comes as completely clear, is that the attempt to award the contract to ELLAKTOR had one and only purpose: to perpetuate the status quo of the monopolistic management of the Psyttaleia WWTP by the construction company of ELLAKTOR; and to do so in such an underhanded manner, in order to give the company one more “kiss of life”.

It needs to be reminded that the former administration of EYDAP had attempted to take everyone by surprise, by conducting a bidding process that would ultimately not allow the interested companies to present their bid envelopes.

Eventually, the scandal was prevented and the bidding process continued normally, with the participation of three consortia: a) ELLAKTOR with JP – it is reminded that for the last 15 years they have been monopolizing the project by achieving continuous contract renewals- b) the companies Suez, Terna, Intrakat and c) the consortium Mytilineos-Constantinidis.

After the serious accusations that recently came to public attention and even caused the reaction of the Greek government and the Prime Minister himself, EYDAP gravitated towards the examination of all the three bids, while asking the Evaluation Committee to activate the legal provisions of the public procurement law, concerning the completion and clarification of information and legal documents.

Conclusively: The “National Contractors” seem to have understood that the “good times”- when they could really do whatever they wanted- have gone by, never to return. Their perspective and practices suit third world countries and not a member state of the European Union. And, as a matter of fact, the country and its citizens have no obligation to pay for their economic problems.