Pythia reveals

Giorgos Tragas is no longer with us. Today, the spotlight has been turned on the vast fortune he acquired through… controversial ways, which is in no way justified by his income from practicing journalism.

Nevertheless, the mechanism that breeds “Tragas wannabe’s” is still here and works without interruptions and restrictions. The “system” tailors each “aspiring Tragas” to their era. It clothes them in a “liberal veil”, a “left-wing hide” or a suit, and labels them (sometimes they even label themselves) “investigators”; they are then instructed to play their dangerous game, to which businessmen, politicians, and even National Security fall prey.

What lies behind? Hubs of political and economic power, domestic or foreign. NGOs of the New World Order. “Invisible” patrons. Embassies and Secret Services of numerous states.

Lately, a shady “system” of the like has been fairly active in our country. “Investigative” teams stemming from the same “womb”, the womb of globalization and political correctness, which is the link that connects the system-driven “colorful” Left with the neoliberal minority, have been let loose and are currently playing the game of destabilization.

In this particular case, the “womb” is a prominent journalist, who is associated with foreign secret services, and has created an “investigative” website. His team was made up of young journalists, who lived on the fringes of the system; seemingly “left-wing”, but, in essence, expendable puppets for the neoliberal meat grinder. Eventually, the journalistic team – for the sake of appearances – became independent. They made their own website, but they are still closely associated with the well-known journalist, who originated from the extra-parliamentary Left and has degenerated into a docile puppet of the secret services. He executes journalistic “contracts” against the Left, against specific businessmen, and against politicians.

In a bizarre coincidence, all of them – the journalist and the kids pretending to be investigators – have strong ties to Germany. Also coincidentally, they all seem to be in a constant frenzy of anti-Greek propaganda. Furthermore, while their websites have virtually non-existent traffic, they generate a staggering income. Why is that? It’s because those sites are used to spread political slander and jeopardize the country’s stability, so that the naive leaders of Left-wing parties can make statements, since said slander is being reproduced even by the newspapers of the “Progressive Left”, known for their provocative role.

Financing and patronage

Of greatest interest is the nature of the financing of the aforementioned journalistic team. We can’t be sure if the frequent visits of the prominent journalist-mentor to a specific street in the area of Filothei – Psychiko have resulted in the viability of his website. His participation in other websites is too negligible to convince us that he can serve as a source of funding for an “investigative website” that no one visits. We also don’t know if the money he has been receiving for years in order to spew anti-Russian propaganda is enough for him to pursue ambitious journalistic-investigative projects.

Those “young” journalists that – ostensibly – declared their independence from their mentor’s website and set up their own investigative team naively believe that they have outsmarted everyone. They claim that their endeavours are supported exclusively by self-financing and income from collaborations with foreign media. They gave themselves away, however, after suspiciously rushing to clarify that they are not receiving financial aid from the George Soros Foundation, although no one had asked them such a thing. Also, in a peculiar way, they all seem to be connected with Berlin and with NGOs dealing with minor children.

If the country’s authorities ever decide to deal seriously with the so-called investigators that put pressure on specific businessmen and always manage to find the money for the legal disputes they are involved in, then very useful, revealing evidence will emerge about the “Tragas wannabe’s” of the new era; and thus in the future, we hopefully won’t have to ask ourselves: Where did they find that much money?

PS: It is particularly interesting that the aforementioned journalistic team is actively collaborating with another ridiculous team, initially managed by a “journalist” who was eventually “hired” by a shipowner who had felt sorry for him. No one ever reads their reports. But they do not mind. They somehow manage to earn enough money to spend their summers blithely, gifting each other tickets for Herodeion shows, watching trials, and cheerfully joking on social media.