Since the 1990s, there has been a “system”, more precisely a political-economic- journalistic complex of interests, which considers itself to be the country’s true ruler. The “chief priests” of this system regard themselves as permanent holders of power.

The protagonist of the short story you are already reading is a… prominent figure of this system, a well-known journalist and a major player in public life, a lobbyist who has always been close to prime ministers and top businessmen, a “key player” behind the closed doors of diplomacy in Athens, even in Washington D.C.

Obviously, he is not associated with the opposition. He’s always had a high regard for the Mitsotakis family, he is a privileged – as it is said – interlocutor of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis and of course his sister, Dora Bakoyannis, he even aspired to play a central role in the Maximos Mansion (although the position and role he had in mind were not available ) and occasionally he presents himself as a representative of foreign interests.

For some reason, the major journalist of our story is confident that he can take part both in critical choices of the current government and in planning the course of the country. If one follows his career, they will definitely notice his particular “soft spot” for the “growth” model of Turkey, his support to Erdogan, and his absolute identification – alignment with ELIAMEP. And since we are in the course of conducting exploratory talks with Turkey, his role there is crucial, they say. Furthermore, it is said that he calls the shots in the field of Foreign Policy, as well as in National Security.

Lately, however, he seems to have adopted and used an unorthodox… methodology, which is not compatible with the school of journalism he stands for, nor with the background of the elite he represents.

So, what exactly does he do? As a lobbyist of specific interests, he either resorts to sabotaging the government work through various means, or he launches devious attacks in the background against specific members of the current government, the Mitsotakis government. The above actions are not the product of… pure journalistic interest, neither are they conducted in the context of investigative journalism.

Our protagonist demands to have a say in the country’s foreign policy, in the business “stratego”, and even in the selection of individuals for the formation of the government system. He promotes specific interests and when government executives fail to align with his goals or desires, either personal or coming from higher domestic and supranational lobbies of political and economic power, then he launches attacks, either openly or in the background, he orders journalistic “investigations” in order to undermine his enemies and throw them off their “chairs”, with the objective of keeping the road open and free of any people who would stand in his way.

He demands certain things from the government and when his demands are not fulfilled, he resorts to political and journalistic “blackmail”. Don’t get us wrong, we are definitely not talking about blackmail or the transaction of… €1,000,000 that a businessman had once given in order to be bailed out; eventually, the million euros were lost and the businessman was convicted, since our well-known lobbyist had ultimately failed to mediate effectively to the government in order to save the famous and once-powerful businessman.

Nevertheless, this current juncture contains a very interesting element, which can lead to upheavals in the relationship of the influential journalist with the Prime Minister himself – with whom he talks regularly – even in his relationship with the foreign centers of power with which he is traditionally connected.

Although his relationship with the Americans has been very tight for decades, today he clearly promotes the interests of the French and tries to find a balance between his American patrons, Mitsotakis’s desire to “play” with the American interests (even in the field of National Defense, despite the general doctrine “Greece – France – Alliance”) and the demands of his French friends.
Yes, we can write with absolute certainty that our protagonist has become an agent of the French interests. It is not necessarily bad, but it is peculiar nevertheless. In his determined effort to carry out the mission, he “chops” in a sloppy way all those who stand in his way and he ends up “punishing the innocent along with the guilty”.

His activity has annoyed his political friends in the Maximos Mansion (we are not referring to his friends in the government who carry out his orders faithfully) and has aroused the interest of the Americans (the Biden system makes him feel very powerful) who, with astonishment, are watching their… friend straying from the course.

According to the connoisseurs, it won’t be long until the interest of the Americans, in the embassy as well as in the USA, turns into rage, and then our journalist will definitely regret his actions.

Stay tuned…