More and more information keeps being released about the widely known businessman involved in the armament bribe scandal.

According to what has lately become known, the businessman is not allowed to leave the country following the public prosecutor’s respective judgment.

Remarkably, the name of the businessman in question had not been particularly heard during the investigation of the said case, while revealing is what is being said in the background regarding the machinations and methods used, so that both the judicial investigation and his criminal involvement stayed out of the spotlight.

According to respective reports, however, time is running short for said businessman, despite the fact that he is propagating both his and his brother’s close relations with New Democracy and the Mitsotakis family, thus claiming that he feels safe, given the current political situation.

Nevertheless, contrary to what he claims, it seems that the time of great disclosures is approaching. In any case, the investigation by Justice into a possible involvement of his in money laundering during the armament bribery case has started in early 2018.