In the wake of the appalling ramifications of the coronavirus crisis on the Greek economy, a conference call was held at the “ELLAKTOR” group, regarding its financial performance for 2019.

There, the group’s CEO, Anastasios Kallitsantsis, stated that 2020 will be a highly demanding year due to the pandemic, but better in terms of profitability compared to 2019!

Leaving aside the absurdity of that statement, as the group’s financial problems are widely discussed in the market – about which we will soon talk elaborately, with specific data and numbers – let’s focus for the time being on Attiki Odos, which was also mentioned by the group’s CEO.

A literal “feast” is going on over there, for which… restrictive measures must soon be taken.

It is of the utmost importance to see how the money of Attiki Odos is utilized. Or rather, to be more specific, it is important to see how the money of Attiki Odos is literally splurged. How; Mainly in the following ways:

Bestowal of large sums of money on media outlets.

Extraordinary costs, greatly exceeding the real requirements, for the personnel, part of which eventually deals with… various jobs.

After reminding you of the judicial investigation into the issue of the exorbitant costs of operation and maintenance of Attiki Odos, which necessitates the return of Attiki Odos to the State, we reveal that the ELLAKTOR group is expected to be put under the scrutiny of the Ministry of Transport, concerning the issue of reckless expenditure on the media campaign and its exorbitant operating costs.

Stay tuned, as the next report will cut to the chase…