George Stassis, Chairman and CEO of the Public Power Corporation (PPC S.A.) is building an “imperial palace” on the island of Kea (Tzia), according to an exclusive report by the Sunday edition of the “Dimokratia” newspaper.

The building permits for the underground houses and the swimming pools on a two-acre site located on the “jewel of the Cyclades” were issued just three months after the 2019 elections, as accounted by the exclusive report of the newspaper.

The newspaper refers to “an excessive feast of money and luxury, held by the manager who gives himself bonuses while condemning society to destitution through outrageous electricity bills”, and provides all the relevant documents concerning what is described as a “Pharaonic summerhouse in Tzia”.

According to the report of Maria Panagiotou, George Stassis seems to have submitted a building permit application to the City Planning Service of the Syros-Ermoupolis Municipality, of which Kea is part. The pre-approval of the building license, presented by the newspaper, was issued on October 7, 2019, while the final permit was issued on December 3 of the same year.

The “palace”, as the newspaper describes it, is being constructed on a plot of 8,500 sq m, while the total floor space of the two houses that are being built will amount to 759.15 sq m.

“For the record, and for the sake of comparison, it is worth mentioning that the royal palace in Tatoi was built on a 20,000 sq m plot, while the total floor space of the palace itself did not exceed 1,100 sq m. Besides, it only had a single swimming pool”, Sunday’s “Dimokratia” reports. According to the relevant permit, George Stassis co-owns the property with Vasiliki Stasinopoulou – each of them at a share of 50%.

SYRIZA-PA: Stassis’ resignation a requisite, following revelations about the luxury villa in Tzia

“At a time when citizens are ‘having strokes’ after seeing electricity bills two and three times their salaries, the ‘chosen one’ of Mr. Mitsotakis who privatized the PPC, Mr. Stassis, is building a luxury villa of 759 sq m. in Tzia, according to the report of Sunday’s ‘Dimokratia’” SYRIZA highlights in its announcement, on the occasion of the front page of today’s “Dimokratia”.

“Entirely coincidentally, Mr. Stassis, before he even started receiving his €360,000 annual salary, began the construction of the luxurious house with numerous swimming pools immediately after his appointment as CEO of the PPC S.A.”, SYRIZA pointed out scornfully, adding that “Mr. Mitsotakis’ golden boys have elevated looting to an art form”.

“Demanding elections from Mr. Mitsotakis is in vain. Those people are determined to stay clinging to their chairs until they pocket the last penny. Following Mr. Stassis’ resignation, Mr. Mitsotakis owes an explanation”, SYRIZA concludes.

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