Study and construction of projects for the first phase of the West Attica O.E.D.A. ( Integrated Waste Management Facility) replacement and transitional waste management.

Budget: € 31,292,562.30, including:

€ 862,500 – Studies

€ 23,430,062.30 – Landfill construction

€ 4,500,000 – Supporting projects for two years of operation

€ 2,500,000 – Transitional management measures and services

Taking into account the discounts usually offered in similar public tenders, there can be an estimation of the actual profit margin included in the project budget. Thus, the profit margin of the well-known expected contractor, due to the implementation of a scandalous rigged procedure, is easily calculable in the following way:

Possible discounts in a fully open procedure would be as follows:

Studies: 50% discount

Landfill construction: 50% discount

Supporting projects: 50% discount

Trasnsitional management measures and services: 50% discount

Indicatively applying the above discounts, the expected profit for the National Contractor and his… fellowship seems to exceed € 15,000,000.

And that’s not all. Under the terms of the respective declaration, the EDSNA may amend the contract and award a 50% additional subject to the contractor, so the expected profit of the contractor will increase by 50% and amount to approximately € 22,500,000.


Upgrading and operation of the Ano Liossia E.M.A. (Mechanical Waste Recycling and Composting Plant) and its conversion into a “Green Plant” (as it seems, a scandalous and rigged tender tailored to the needs of the National Contractor and his friends!)

Budget: € 52,350,000 (along with the right to scandalously reach € 104,700,000)


Procurement of new equipment and improvement of the existing one – € 6,000,000

Three-year operation and maintenance – € 46,350,000

Regarding the procurement of new equipment and the improvement of the existing one, a rough estimation can be made, that if a tender had taken place, then a discount of 45-48% would have been applied and the expected profit would be around € 3,000,000.

Concerning the three-year operation, the prices per tonne implemented in previous years are as follows:

2010 – 50,0 € / ton

2013 – 64,6 €/ ton

2015 – 51,6 €/ ton

2019 – 45,0 €/ ton

2019 – Bids submitted to an unfinished tender appear to have been, based on journalistic information, between 35 € and 37 €/ ton.

Based on experience coming from other plants, the actual cost seems to be between 30-35€/ ton.

It should be borne in mind that only from the recovery of metals an additional profit of about 1.5 € / ton is recovered by the contractor.

If 300,000 tonnes per year are calculated, that is 900,000 tonnes in total, then, based on the above, if an average cost of € 35 / ton is taken, the total estimated cost for the three years would be € 900,000 x € 35 = € 31,500,000; therefore, in relation to the project’s budget of € 46,350,000, the estimated profit seems to be around €14,800,000 .

Thus, the total estimated profit seemingly exceeds € 16,000,000.

Taking into consideration the expected low discount of the contractor, who we expect to be the National Contractor and his friends, due to the restricted procedure of the rigged tender and, of course, the limited participation, the expected profit of the contractor will exceed € 15,000,000.

Under the terms of the respective declaration, the EDSNA will exercise its right of option and award a 100% additional subject to the contractor under the same conditions. In this case, the expected profit of the contractor will be doubled to € 30,000,000.

Finally, under the same terms of the respective declaration, the EDSNA has the right to further amend the contract and award a 50% additional subject of contract. In this case, the total expected profit of the contractor will increase by 50% and will amount to a total of € 45,000,000.

So, you want us to believe that you didn’t know that, in two public closed tenders, projects worth more than € 150,000,000 were awarded, with profits possibly exceeding € 65,000,000 ?

We are here to monitor and inform you of the discounts that will be given – if serious ones will eventually be given- in this closed tender. Thus, we will be able to inform you about the magnitude of the scandal that may arise from these actions.

There’s a lot of money involved and, as it seems, Mr. Patoulis has yet to realize what is going on right under his nose.

Is it clear now why a plethora of media outlets have been mobilized and why they are furiously attacking the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) and Mr. Stasinos?

It is because they are afraid that Kyriakos Mitsotakis will spoil the “feast” that has been set up in Psyttaleia in the most scandalous way