A poll that was presented on Friday, giving New Democracy a two-digit lead in the next election, was described as “scandalously provocative” by SYRIZA.

In fact, the head of the Digital Governance department of SYRIZA, Marios Katsis, stressed that “at a time when the New Democracy government is put on the spot due to the multitude of problems that heavily burden the citizens’ backs, as rising high prices and the pandemic are raging uncontrollably, once again a poll comes as manna from heaven in order to mask the severely tarnished image of the Prime Minister”.

More specifically, M. Katsis stated that “the poll by OpinionPoll that was published today on behalf of the Politica newspaper and that is widely republished in all pro-government media, is scandalously provocative and definitely oversteps the limits of institutional responsibility that we have demonstrated all this time. And this is because:

On 02/06/2021 SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance requested the intervention of the Special Committee on Institutions and Transparency, through a letter sent to the chairman of the Committee, Athanasios Bouras, concerning the “peculiar” poll published by OpinionPoll on May 31, 2021, utilizing the “Roussopoulos” law (3603/2007), according to which, at the request of the Parliament’s Special Permanent Committee on Institutions and Transparency, the polling companies have to provide primary data and information about the cost, manner, and method of conducting the poll and extracting results.

“After one month of total silence and despite the continuous requests by SYRIZA-PA MPs, the chairman of the Committee, Ath. Bouras, keeps rejecting our requests citing completely unfounded and pretentious reasons, thus violating the law and essentially helping the company OpinionPoll to avoid the legally required auditing”.

Marios Katsis underlines that, according to the register of polls of the Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV – ESR) and the General Commercial Registry (GEMI), the company “OPINIONPOLL RESEARCH-POLLS SOLE SHAREHOLDER LTD” belongs entirely to Mr. Michalis Diamantis, son of George. Also according to data of the GEMI, Michalis Diamantis, son of George, is the legal representative of the company “REPOSITION STRATEGY LTD” . Both OPINIONPOLL and REPOSITION STRATEGY LTD have the same address as companies (Isminis 10 – Dafni, Attica).

The National Infrastructures for Research and Technology – GRNET S.A., which is supervised by the Ministry of Digital Governance, approved in July 2020 the direct award contract to REPOSITION STRATEGY LTD of the project “Telecommunication Support of TRAVEL.GOV.GR” [ADA: 6091469HPX-Z7K]. The initial direct award contract covered a total period of 2 months and had a cost of € 60,000, while according to Diavgeia.gr, two other additional extensions of the original contract cost € 60,000 and € 150,000, respectively. GRNET has approved and carried out expenses for the payment of the company three times already, with a total cost of € 111,600″.

In this context, and because, as Marios Katsis emphasizes, “the guards are vigilant” and “such innocence can’t be justified nowadays, we responsibly seek answers from the government and the Ministry of Digital Governance to the following questions:

Why did they approve a direct award contract to this consulting company, that is directly related to the OpinionPoll polling company, and by what criteria was it chosen?

What were the subject and the deliverable of this specific contract?

What did the above project contribute to the epidemiological surveillance and the safe re-opening of tourism?

Straight to the point, does the polling company “OpinionPoll” belong to the payroll of Maximos Mansion, getting the taxpayers’ hard-earned money, in order to refine the image of the prime minister? And how many more polling companies belong to this payroll?