At such a time, when greek economy is greatly suffering from the pandemic’s dire consequences and while the Mitsotakis government, through the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, is passing a disastrous bill for labour rights, Kostis Hatzidakis is provocatively splurging millions of euros in the purchase of information systems and business consultants.

So, while Greek society languishes in despair, Kostis Hatzidakis is giving €12 million – yes, you’ve read it right – to “Deloitte Business Solutions – Business Consultants S.A.”, under the pretext of… covid – 19.

The contract in question, amounting to €12,114,800 (€9,770,000 without VAT), provides for the creation of an implementation mechanism for the new single citizen number, to be used for labour and insurance matters, for the recording of data, and for submitting complaints. And when exactly does Kostis Hatzidakis choose to do all this?

Not at a random juncture, but rather at the moment when he is attempting to return working conditions back to the middle ages, through the baneful bill he introduced. There is absolutely no coincidence. This outrageous expenditure is undoubtedly a diversion created by the government, at a time when the workers and the Greek society as a whole are protesting en masse.

The contract (Prot. No. 145 / 21.05.2021) concerns the design, development, and implementation of a Unified Citizen Service Number for matters within the competence of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and of institutions supervised by it.

According to the government, the Service Number creates conditions for “immediate, valid and friendly service towards citizens, by promoting communication and prompt management of their requests”, while at the same time “it raises a shield of protection against COVID-19 for citizens and employees”.

In the meantime, the way the financial burdens are distributed cannot go unnoticed: – Administrative and Management Support Advisor of the Institution for the design and implementation of the Project / €1,760,800 – VAT included (€1,420,000 euros without VAT) Technical Consultant for Planning Processes and Flows/ €576,600 – VAT included (465,000 euros without VAT) Study, Installation, and Operation of Communication and Public Support Infrastructure – Staff Training/ €5,158,400 euros – VAT included (4,160,000 euros without VAT) Development and Configuration of Interface Platform with call centers, digital Optimization/ €297,600 (€240,000 without VAT) Development of Digital Service Capabilities/ €353,400 euros- VAT included ( €285,000 euros without VAT) Information and Publicity Actions/ €3,496,800 – VAT included (€2,820,000 without VAT) Quality Control – Public Satisfaction Assessment/ €471,200 euros VAT included (€380,000 euros without VAT) The contract provides for telephone service nationwide on working days, while for the Service Number of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the average number of answered calls is expected to be 351,500 per month, while the average duration of a call is estimated at 4.5 minutes (incl. management time / conversation with the citizens / systems update / call waiting/ counseling). Nevertheless, it is particularly interesting to see what the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself has to say: Was he informed about the actions of Kostis Hatzidakis, or not? Is it possible that the minister surprised him with a fait accompli? It is rumored so…