Following Panos Laskaridis’ statements to the EIC (European Investigative Collaboration), on the occasion of the organization’s investigation called “Black Trail”, and his disparaging comments about the Greek Prime Minister, the Greek shipowner issued a statement to clarify his position.

In more detail, as reported by the Naftika Chronika (Naval Chronicles) website, the shipowner stated the following:

“In the last two days, statements of mine have been published on various social media, taken out of context from irrelevant discussions that in no way concerned the current state of our shipping and, of course, neither the Prime Minister nor the Minister for Shipping. These statements were made to a network of deplorable Portuguese journalists, who used them absolutely improperly and out of context.

These statements were leaked by various (para)shipping circles and their sole purpose is to tarnish my own image and to muddy the waters in the intra-shipping relations of our merchant shipping agents.

Regarding my own views on our shipping and its institutions, I may cite hundreds of statements and speeches of mine about Greek Shipping that have been published in countless interviews by the Greek and international press in the last decades, a time during which I have had the honor to represent the interests of our merchant shipping.

Those who heedlessly and slanderously used my statements will, of course, suffer the consequences of their actions. Lastly, as far as my appreciation and respect for the Prime Minister, the Minister for Shipping and the institutions they represent are concerned, everyone has a solid knowledge of the views I personally hold for them, our shipping and our country “.

The complete tribute of Black Trail, by the EIC:

Reaction of SYRIZA

N. Santorinios expressed SYRIZA’s reaction to the shipowner’s comments and, in his recent statement, he speaks of “shameful, for the country, hesitation of the Minister for Shipping and Island Policy to comment on the offensive statements of the shipowner Mr. Laskaridis about the Greek Government and the Prime Minister himself, when he was asked to do so during his interview with the EIC (European Investigative Collaboration) news network.

“However, it is rather perplexing how the Greek Government has not shown the same “hesitation” regarding the protection of the workers in greek shipping, since so far it has passed a series of laws that deregulate the working environment of shipping workers and abolish collective agreements” he added.

“Today’s video showing the “awkward” and “dumbfounded” Minister for Shipping proves, in the most accurate way, the complete absence of a structured policy by New Democracy for the Greek shipping sector, for the strengthening of the Greek-owned fleet and for the Greek seafarers. Once again, it is proven that this government operates as a servant of specific interests” he concluded.