Nikos Pappas is not an ordinary Greek politician. Apart from being the “alter ego” of Alexis Tsipras, and his trusted right-hand man for quite a long time, he has also faithfully served the Greek Left and, as one of the top-tier ministers of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, he bore the brunt of many critical affairs, such as the case of enforcing rules in private television broadcasters.

The former Minister of State and Digital Policy is widely revered by thousands of Leftists and SYRIZA voters, but at the same time he is the bugbear of the corrupt TV Station owners (formerly TV “hijackers”) and an enemy for the establishment that has ruled the country’s fortunes for decades; an establishment that keeps sponging off the Greek State and has thrown the country into the claws of the IMF, the financial cutthroats of the supranational elite and the bureaucrats of Brussels.

The deeply corrupt TV Station owners, the domestic business elite that brought the Right back to power and installed Mitsotakis and his corrupt friends in the Maximos Mansion, the political-economic complex of power that formed a hardcore anti-SYRIZA front during the 2015-2019 period, and the crooked interests that, for the first time after 30 years of illegal activity and impunity, were called upon to pay for the use of their television channel frequencies – the property of the Greek people, that is – they never forgave Nikos Pappas and, consequently, Alexis Tsipras for their determination and will to impose the law, to enforce rules and to satisfy the longstanding demands of the Greek people, demands that were included in SYRIZA’s pre-election commitments and in the government program of the first true Left-Wing government of Greece.

It is more than obvious today that the choice of New Democracy, the political “arm” of the corrupt establishment, to launch a probe into Nikos Pappas is a political decision that has been contrived with great care and diligence in the luxurious offices of business groups during the last few years. The former powerful Minister of State has been reduced to a scapegoat.

As for the context of the parody-probe, Nikos Pappas is accused not only of repeated breach of duty, which is a misdemeanor, but also of bribery, which is a felony. Nevertheless, according to the existing evidence, it is impossible for the Judicial Council to charge Nikos Pappas with bribery, as there is absolutely no actual evidence to support this crime, at least from what has become known so far.

The probe into Nikos Pappas is the continuation of the complaints of the contractor Christos Kalogritsas, who by… coincidence always manages to end up on the side of the “winners”.

Did Christos Kalogritsas have dealings with SYRIZA? He certainly did, but he was not favored in any way by the former Minister of State and Digital Policy or by the former Prime Minister. In SYRIZA they made a mistake. However, the “red contractor” from Karditsa did not get a TV license. The question is, who brought Christos Kalogritsas to SYRIZA? The one who brought Kalogritsas to SYRIZA was Christos Spirtzis, and not Nikos Pappas. Let’s not forget that Christos Spirtzis is the best man of C. Kalogritsas’s son. Today, Nikos Pappas, due to the actions of some of his “comrades”, but also due to the fury of the establishment, is called upon to bear the burden on behalf of an entire political party.

Was he careless? He sure was. Was he naive? Definitely. Had he been warned? He had been warned, but he did not pay attention. Due to the pivotal role he played in the Tsipras government, he has been in the spotlight and today he has become a punching bag for the corrupt interests.

And since we have heard a lot of inaccuracies from various pro-government media outlets in recent days, regarding some of our own reports and articles, let us emphasize that we NEVER wrote or implied that the accusations against Nikos Pappas are true or valid or that he has fouled his own nest. The honesty of Nikos Pappas is unquestionable. His way of life leaves no room for doubt about that.

On the contrary, we pointed out that he will enjoy the full support of Alexis Tsipras. We don’t know the current whereabouts of those who brought Christos Kalogritsas to SYRIZA. And something else. The ones who worked as… doormen at Kalogritsas’s house, what are they doing today? The first and quickest answer is this: They are beyond any kind of… responsibilities.