The rapidly increasing cases of media censorship by the government have come under the microscope of SYRIZA.

Occasioned by the latest case of forced resignation of the political editor and managing director of “To Vima” newspaper, Dimitra Kroustalli, the official opposition party issued a statement referring to the latest proscriptions against journalists and the “Petsas list”; the aforementioned statement describes the “dystopian reality” of today’s press, which is reminiscent of “authoritarian regimes” and attributes direct responsibility and prior knowledge to the prime minister.

The statement of SYRIZA- Progressive Alliance in detail:

” Muzzling and pogroms against journalists ordered by Mitsotakis for the absolute control of the media

The censorship of Elena Akrita by “ Ta Nea” newspaper, only because she dared to write a critical article against Mr. Mitsotakis, is nothing but the tip of the iceberg.

Dimitra Kroustalli, a journalist that has worked in “To Vima” newspaper for 30 years, and who can be described as anything but friendly towards SYRIZA, recently resigned, citing as a reason the suffocating pressure from the Maximos Mansion, owing to her report on the mess of the parallel system of recording COVID-19 cases.

The “ERT” of Mr. Zoulas, the former director of the Press Office of Mr. Mitsotakis, goes on with “pogroms” against journalists, this time by terminating the show of Panos Haritos.

Mr. Mitsotakis doesn’t just settle for the financial blackmail of the media through the €20 million he has distributed with the Petsas list, lacking any criteria or transparency. Furthermore, he attempts to impose the universal muzzling of the press and every voice of criticism. Soon, he might even ban news reporting by law, when it is not used for his deification by journalists!

The dystopian reality of the press, the censorship, and proscriptions against journalists ordered by Mitsotakis are strongly reminiscent of authoritarian regimes. The more the government sees its wear and tear from its failures, the more it will oppose the free press and, ultimately, democracy itself. ”