SYRIZA criticized the government’s change of stance regarding the Prespa Agreement after the 2019 election, on the occasion of yesterday’s meeting of the Prime Minister with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia, which took place at the Maximos Mansion.

“In today’s meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia, Mr. Mitsotakis asked for the rigid observance and total implementation of the Prespa Agreement”, SYRIZA stated, adding:

“After causing unprecedented unrest in the country through his outrageous populism, after following the Golden Dawn’s example of unleashing hate speech against the SYRIZA government and after embarrassing Greece internationally through his hypocrisy, Mr. Mitsotakis completed today his 180 degree turn on that matter.”

“We, SYRIZA, are welcoming the current stance of Mr. Mitsotakis, who now officially observes and honors the Prespa Agreement”

“As a next step, we are expecting the apology owed by the prime minister, not only to SYRIZA, which was slandered by him, but also to the Greek people, who were deceived by his lies” the official opposition party added, concluding that:

“Let’s hope he will finally begin the process for the ratification of the bilateral agreements by the Parliament, a process he has been postponing because he is afraid of his own party”