SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance makes it clear through multiple messages that the government will not weasel out of the investigation by the competent authorities both for the questionable financing of the Media and for its relations with specific polling companies.

The resignation of the far-right Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz, due to him distributing €1 million of public funds to rigged polls and publications, raises once again the… request of the official opposition for an investigation into the well-known “Petsas” list, but also into direct award contracts amounting to €50 million without transparency and control.

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance also raises the issue of the polling company “Opinion Poll”, since, according to documents submitted to the Parliament, its owner was awarded three direct contracts amounting to €270,000 of public funds, through a third related company, for a project whose expediency is called into question. It should be noted that for this case the official opposition has requested the convocation of the Committee on Transparency and Institutions of the Hellenic Parliament, however, the request was rejected by the governing majority and the investigation was put to a halt.

According to credible information, SYRIZA-PA will bring back its request for the convocation of the Transparency Committee, in order to ascertain possible relations between the company and the government. “No matter what Mr. Mitsotakis does, he will fail to weasel out of the investigation by the competent authorities, like his close friend, Mr. Kurtz, failed as well” SYRIZA-PA stressed, showing its dispositions.

Kurtz’s resignation gave Alexis Tsipras the opportunity to remind everyone of his personal relationship with K. Mitsotakis, but also of the fact that last May the now-resigned Chancellor was awarded the “Media Freedom” award, with a triumphal speech delivered by the Greek Prime Minister.

The president of SYRIZA-PA, after referring to the resignation of S. Kurtz, who was accused of attempting to manipulate the media, noted in his post that Mr. Mitsotakis “continues to enjoy the titles of ‘Moses’ and ‘cheetah’, attributed to him by domestic media outlets that have received tens of millions of euros from the Petsas List. He even wonders if “Greece is a ‘little Kurtz’s Austria’ ”, eventually commenting that “it is more likely that Kurtz’s Austria is a little Greece of Mitsotakis and the grid of corruption he has created around him”

Circles of SYRIZA-PA speak of a “question of democracy and justice” while the president himself observes meaningfully: “In Austria the institutions worked, since justice acted immediately, as soon as the reports on corruption saw the light of day. In Greece there is deafening silence “.