The Maximos Mansion is exerting strenuous efforts in order to promptly ensure a visit of prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to the White House, according to a report by the newspaper Kontranews.

The prime minister is looking forward to improving relations with the United States at all levels, which is why he has mobilized all lobby groups in Washington, in order to become one of the first European leaders to meet with new US President Joe Biden.

According to the same report, Maximos Mansion has mobilized members of the Greek lobby as well as top executives of American companies that have interests in Greece.

Among the aforementioned powerful lobbies, there is an American armaments “behemoth”, which has always had strong links with White House officials.

The race for a timely visit to Washington is a move of strategic importance.

At this juncture, and while Tayyip Erdoğan is feeling helpless after losing the support of his friend Donald Trump, the Greek prime minister is seeking to forge a privileged relationship with the new US president.

Besides, the prime minister’s agenda for his visit to Washington includes a series of issues that are vitally important for the interests of America, as well.

In this regard, the prime minister will try to reassert and expand the agreements concerning the military presence of the USA in Greece.

The expansion of the Souda Naval Base, in order to be able to accommodate aircraft carriers, the port of Kavala, the armament programs and especially the purchase of new frigates and F-35 fighter jets, and the agreements for cooperation in shipyards are all included in the agenda.

At the same time, the prime minister will try to capitalize on the strong alliance between Greece, Israel, Egypt, and Cyprus, which is a guarantee for security and stability in the Mediterranean.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis is in a hurry to visit the United States and enter into strategic agreements, before Turkey gains access to the White House.

The Turkish government has mobilized the largest lobbying and communications companies in Washington and has signed contracts worth up to €100 million, so as to open channels of communication between Erdoğan and the new US government.

That is why the Greek government is racing against time to establish privileged relations with the United States and to keep Turkey away from the power centers in Washington.