The involvement of Mareva Mitsotakis, the wife of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in a series of scandals (Voltaire’s house, offshore companies, a common financier with the “Proto Thema” newspaper etc.) would have certainly caused great backlash and a “political earthquake” in any country of the so-called western world.

In Greece, where the media operate under the unprecedented suffocating control of the Mitsotakis family, the disclosure of the scandals failed to ultimately affect the situation in the country’s political scene, did not hinder Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ rise to power and, strangely enough, did not affect the judgment of the Greek people, who granted him autonomy in the last elections.

This is one aspect of the story concerning the Prime Minister’s wife.

The other aspect, which is evolving into a major problem for the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is his wife’s megalomania, her obvious desire to co-govern and her behind-the-scenes demand to exercise control over as many media outlets as possible and over specific groups of journalists, who feel absolutely no shame in being humiliated every day by “deifying” Mareva Mitsotakis, even when it is not needed at all.

The SKAI TV station was driven (voluntarily or not, little does it matter) to self-humiliation and, eventually, even humiliated the prime minister’s wife, making her the subject of ridicule across the country, by using the outrageous caption: ” The ultra-elegant Mareva” who will get the “ultra-elegant vaccine”.

The above example, which is reminiscent of the perception of media and propaganda that third-world and historically bankrupt regimes usually hold, is the last symptom of the constant and relentless “deification” of Mareva Grabowski by the media, which was sponsored by the Mitsotakis government through the “Petsas list”.

It is time to disclose here that, some time ago, the following recommendation was made by the Maximos Mansion to specific media outlets and journalists: “Write whatever you want about Kyriakos Mitsotakis, but do not attack Mareva”.

We shall also remind that either she or the prime minister’s associates asked the media to call her “First Lady”, although no such title exists in Greece, as is well known. Mareva Mitsotakis and the “Maximou system”, after realizing that they were being ridiculed, stopped using the title “First Lady”.

The “media immunity” that Mareva Mitsotakis is enjoying has led her to an unprecedented level of impunity that constitutes a direct provocation against Greek people, who have suffered the consequences of the memorandum crisis in recent years and are now expected to face the deadly pandemic and its grave effects on public health, economy, and society.

Under the unprecedented conditions brought by Covid – 19 on a global level and while strict restrictive measures have been imposed in our country, challenging the mental health of the Greek people and further intensifying the existing recession, to a point that all predictions about the country’s economy are greatly ominous , the prime minister’s unaccountable wife, in addition to the business she is said to be conducting in the background, has indulged in an infuriating “barrage” of provocations, in order to impress the Greek people and present herself as the new “Queen Frederica”. Her walks in Parnitha and her trips with friends and associates to Chania and Kalamata, completely disregarding existing health protocols, speak for themselves. Citizens realize that the laws apply to them but not to the “ultra-elegant Mareva”.

The reality is worse than the average Greek can imagine, but let us capture it as follows: Have you seen the series “House of Cards”? There, the ruthless Frank Underwood does everything he can and finally succeeds in becoming the President of the USA. Along with his wife Claire, the “First Lady”, they have set up something greater than just an informal “directorate”. They function as if they are in the same body, complementary to each other. Along the way, Claire becomes Vice president (which is unprecedented) and eventually President of the United States, her husband having resigned under the burden of scandals of his own government.

Sounds like a nightmare, but we believe that Mareva Mitsotakis, watching Netflix series at night, is making plans for the future. At present, she confines herself to co-governing with her husband, handing him over to the mockery of the people and leading him to catastrophe. But who knows? Maybe the “fall” of Kyriakos Mitsotakis – in the mind of Mareva, at least – will work in favor of the role she aspires to play in the political scene of the country. God forbid!