The need for an immediate restart of the Greek economy with investments and various projects, in order to quickly deal with the ramifications of the pandemic, which has been affecting the entire planet, was put on the table by the Group’s Administration during the Annual General Meeting.

Mr. Dimitris Koutras, Chairman of Intrakat, stated: “Last year we had a continuation of our upward trend, as shown by an increase in turnover and positive results. The backlog of projects that we have gathered and keep gathering in this difficult period will help us to continue this course.

Furthermore, the purchase of all the equipment of AEGEK, with organized facilities of workshops – warehouses will give us the possibility to increase our productivity during the execution of the projects.

Mr. Petros Souretis, CEO of Intrakat, stressed in his speech: “Intrakat, a member of the multinational corporate group Intracom Holdings, has the ability, the flexibility and the dynamic required to successfully adapt its development plan, if and where needed, in order to continue its upward trend that placed it among the strongest companies in the industry “.

Regarding the greek economy, Mr. Souretis highlighted that we have a decline in GDP due to the COVID -19 pandemic, that the impact in a country like Greece is usually delayed and that the forecasts – despite fiscal support interventions – seem ominous. He then referred to the three ”pillars” to which EU funding to the Member States will be directed:

support for the Member States in order to recover financially, ie strengthening public investments and reforms by increasing Cohesion Fund resources.

providing resources for private investments, for instance through the recapitalization of sound companies.

reinforcement of projects in the field of Research and Innovation, lasting from 2021 to 2027 and with a proposed budget of €100 billion, activated by the European Commission.

He clarified, nevertheless, that: “The national recovery plans are not ready, there are no mature proposals, while at the same time the Greek Banks, despite the support and the funds allocated to them, seem reluctant or even negative to support the real economy with flexible procedures.”

As for the new development goals of Intrakat, he stated that in addition to public infrastructure projects, they focus mainly on Public-Private partnership (PPP) projects, environmental projects and next generation access networks. In the construction sector, the projects to be signed amount to € 208.6 million, with Intrakat having recently undertaken projects amounting to €76.2 million and the outstanding balance of projects exceeding € 500 million. Moreover, the company takes part in various project tenders amounting to €350 million, the outcome of which is expected within 2020.

About Elliniko

Responding to questions asked by journalists at the Intrakat General Meeting regarding recent press reports and parliamentary interpellations about the demolition permits for the buildings in Elliniko, Mr. Dimitris Pappas, Intrakat’s Associate Consultant, stated that regarding the demolition project of Elliniko assigned to Intrakat, all permits required for the installation of the construction site, the preparatory works and demolition work have been issued in a timely manner and no work has been carried out or is being carried out without a permit.

Besides, this is the reason why Lamda Development invited only large construction companies that follow all the prescribed procedures in the relevant tender.

Finally, Mr. Souretis, CEO of Intrakat, mentioned that a project of such importance for the country’s economy must not become a field of pointless political controversy and that he fails to understand the reason for the parliamentary interpellation.