By Dimitris Bekiaris

In our previous article we disclosed the scenarios elaborated by Alexis Tsipras and his innermost circle of associates, so that the leader of the official opposition party may remain at the top of the SYRIZA “pyramid” if he loses the next elections and, of course, if his leadership is actively questioned. (Read Part 1 HERE)

The discussions in the informal directorate of SYRIZA are the invisible part of SYRIZA’s partisan activity. The other part, the visible one, concerns the main axes of the party’s political activity, the intra-party fronts and the political positions that will eventually prevail, the way in which balances will be developed between the party’s executives and the reinforcement of Alexis Tsipras’s leader profile.

At first glance, the battle is being waged between the old – and bankrupt – mechanism of SYRIZA and the newer SYRIZA executives that originate from PASOK.

More than noteworthy is the fact that, according to a secret research conducted in Koumoundourou (SYRIZA Headquarters), most of the new members who joined SYRIZA last year are over 50 years old and the majority of them are admirers of Andreas Papandreou. The results of the aforementioned research have all but terrified the representatives of “3% SYRIZA”, who still consider PASOK to be right-wing and want to seal the gates in order to thwart the… “green flows*” towards Koumoundourou.

The human geography that is taking shape at the base of the official opposition party clearly indicates that the members originating from PASOK are the group that dominates the so-called “social SYRIZA”.

The balances that will develop in the party and between individuals is an issue of particular concern for Alexis Tsipras. Nevertheless, it all essentially comes down to the outcome of the next elections. Should SYRIZA achieve an electoral victory, the issue of placing certain people in party offices and positions will be of little concern, as Alexis Tsipras will be the unquestioned leader. Otherwise, one of the scenarios we revealed in our previous article will probably materialise (See HERE).

The unknown, secret agreement

Alexis Tsipras, having deep knowledge of the intra-party map and taking into account the situations as they have developed, as described above, took initiatives in backstage to reach an agreement between him and the intra-party factions in order to reduce introversion.

According to absolutely reliable information, just before the Christmas holidays an agreement was reached to seal any discussions concerning SYRIZA’s intra-party affairs. The participants of the agreement are Alexis Tsipras, Nikos Filis, Nikos Voutsis, Panos Skourletis and Alekos Flambouraris.

The objective of the agreement is to avoid disclosure – publication of the climate of introversion or, at least, to reveal any possible disagreements in a controlled manner, after consultation between the parties involved.

Typically, the aim is to preserve unity until the party congress and, of course, until the national election.

What is striking is that journalists who have been used as tools in the development of the intra-party Power Game are not informed about any of this.

Even more impressive is the fact that other top SYRIZA executives are completely unaware of Alexis Tsipras’s agreement with Filis, Voutsis, Skourletis and Flambouraris.

A well-informed source speaks of a rare kind of agreement, given SYRIZA’s history, and does not omit to comment on the fact that, following the submission of the declaration of “Umbrella”, there were attacks by the media against the “group of 53+” and the executives who signed and drafted the declaration.

Quite impressively, in SYRIZA they found out that these attacks, instead of hurting them, eventually strengthened the influence of Filis, Skourletis, Voutsis, and the group of 53+ in the party audience of SYRIZA. Our source notes that the Organizational Department of SYRIZA received dozens of supportive calls. The reaction of the higher executives was lukewarm. Some articles in low circulation, a partisan “Avgi” and no outflow of information.

The “Office of President Initiatives”

Alexis Tsipras did not just sit idly by. In meetings with his close associates, immediately after the holidays, the president of SYRIZA decided to establish a group that deals with, studies, and suggests initiatives regarding political and partisan matters. These are initiatives undertaken exclusively by Alexis Tsipras.

Within the frame of the invisible team that surrounds and supports the president of SYRIZA, new faces are expected to appear, who will become “key players” and front-line executives in the upcoming period. Moreover, there was also a suggestion for the creation of a large group of academics and scientists, without them necessarily being party members, who would speak – in the context of opening up – publicly on behalf of SYRIZA.

But, what is the plan in the event of SYRIZA winning the next election?

It is safe to say that Alexis Tsipras, based on the aforementioned structure, seeks to have the absolute competence to converse with businessmen, executives of other parties, representatives of the intellectual leadership of the country and foreign leaders.

In the minds of Alexis Tsipras and his inner circle, the ultimate goal at the current juncture is to strengthen his leadership profile. If SYRIZA comes to power again, intra-party life will take a back seat. It will be like the toy that the “big players” will leave to the… children to play with.


*the colour green is traditionally associated with PASOK