Their failure to become bidders of the Athens Metro Line 4, a project which would ensure a slight extension of the “change4ellaktor” narrative, pits them against the Damocles sword of international funds who now, seeing the stock price, the unexecuted work, the total sales and losses, and their weakness concerning management, reassess RE change4ellaktor.

The gist, however, are the… 3 “golden projects” that plenteously sustain the brother’s interests:

Attiki Odos, which, according to information, publications and data we possess and will eventually publish, they are scientifically sapping through technocratic confections. Now, their bet is on how they will force the government to award them the extension of Attiki Odos and to scandalously extend their timeframe, which should have already expired.

Psyttaleia, where for a long time management is done to the detriment of the company’s shareholders, where enormous amounts of capitals are lost through fixed tenders, while at the same time it seems that scientific oversights are being made against EYDAP, thus posing a great risk to public health.

The management of solid waste in ESDNA, which seems to be the only thing they will be left with. You see, the management here is not done by the government or the ministry, but rather by the corrupt local government.

However, it seems that they failed to convince Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the Ministry of Public Works that this aberration has to continue, and thus began their well-known tricks, launching attacks (and not only) against the government and New Democracy executives through the media outlets paid by the … Attiki Odos, that is, the State, that is, the Greek taxpayers.

Unfortunately – for them – the times when such practices could actually take place have long gone. Fortunately, collective interest overcomes personal interest. The Competition Commission can understand what “rigged tenders” and what “ensuring conditions of healthy competition” means. It takes courage, new ideas, innovative practices with political and business consensus for the economy to recover. It seems that Mitsotakis has understood that and he is doing well!