The internal party elections of SYRIZA are over,  and Alexis Tsipras has supposedly emerged as the official opposition party’s undisputed leader.

Is he, though?

This question arises naturally, since Tsipras appears to have absolutely no control over anything. The “Koukakis” case and SYRIZA’s intense involvement in it, although it is being “pushed” by declared enemies of the party, as well as a relevant investigation conducted by controversial and shady journalists with strong ties to the “deep throats” of Maximos Mansion, are all indicators that the leadership of SYRIZA has absolutely lost its ability to exert control.

SYRIZA has turned into an easy target  for all kinds of crooks. Mitsotakis’ close associates are leaking information, which Tsipras’ party foolishly uses in order to attack New Democracy, when in fact the official opposition party is unknowingly involved in a score settling taking place within the Mitsotakis government, and is – unfortunately – playing the game of foreign “systems” that wish to take over Greece’s secret services.

In this context, the fact that Giannis Ragousis and SYRIZA brought to Parliament the issue of illegal surveillance and the alleged involvement of companies and entrepreneurs in purported cases of supply of surveillance systems to the Greek government is, indeed, surprising.

And while no actual evidence has emerged about the aforementioned case – something that is also acknowledged by journalist Telloglou and his team, who pretend to be an independent investigative team and have received the relevant extrajudicial documents –  SYRIZA, while it had initially toned down its rhetoric, obviously acknowledging that they are   dealing with a groundless case, decides to double back on the case. The official opposition party seems to have fallen victim to a group formed by Berlin-oriented journalists,  “SYRIZA troll” hunters, peculiar “entities” who lurk around Hilton hotel with special equipment  searching for eavesdroppers, second-rate journalists who every now and then accuse the government of tapping them, harsh critics of Tsipras, associates of current ministers, and close associates of Mitsotakis.

A while ago we wrote about a close associate of Kyriakos Mitsotakis who leaked information to certain “investigators”, who are masters of presenting hypothetical scenarios as evidence. We also informed our readers about shady cases of forest declassification cases in Paros.

We do not want to believe that Giannis Ragousis, who has a close relationship with the island of Paros (it is his native island and he has also served as mayor there) is playing the game of the “Paros group” people and is working for the associates of Mitsotakis, who are widely said to “leak information” to SYRIZA.

So, we ask again: Who runs this party? Does the SYRIZA leadership control anything at all?  Is Tsipras a mere observer of the “game” played by parasites and marginal journalists?

We ask calmly.