Two years have passed since the last national elections in Greece, and the latest poll findings are disastrous for the current government.

The vast majority of citizens claim to be disappointed with what has been done so far, but, most importantly, they appear worried about the future of the country. In no case do they share the optimism expressed by the Prime Minister Mr. Mitsotakis at every opportunity.

In a survey conducted by MRB, one of the questions was: “how do you assess the current situation of the country in general?” 64.4% of respondents answered “very/quite bad”, 26.5% “neither good – nor bad”, while only 9.1% said that it is “very/quite good”. In particular, regarding the financial situation of the country, 71.6% of respondents said that it is “very/quite bad”, 18.3% said “average”, and only 9.5% claimed that it is “very/quite good”.

In conclusion, the percentage of citizens who positively assess the situation is below 10% and the government’s management and manipulations have greatly contributed to this result. And even if there was the slightest disbelief doubt about it, an important finding of the same poll comes to remove all doubt. To the question “Which party’s win in the next elections, even by one vote, would bother you the most?” 40% of respondents answered “New Democracy” and 40.4% (a difference of just 0.4%) opted for “SYRIZA”. The public opinion on the governing party is constantly deteriorating, since in the same question in last December’s poll, the percentage of citizens who expressed their dismay for the possibility of a New Democracy election victory was 37.7%, and 41.4% for SYRIZA.

A general conclusion?

As time goes on, the number of people who disfavor the victory of New Democracy in the next elections is growing, while the number of those who do not want SYRIZA to win is decreasing. Pollsters agree that the climate for the current government is steadily deteriorating, and point out that if this situation continues, sooner or later this will become apparent both in the voting intention of citizens and in the question concerning the suitability of the prime minister. These are the only points in which New Democracy and Mr. Mitsotakis still prevail.