The scandal continues! Look what they came up with:

Contrived tenders were set up, requirements for participation in which – in 2018- were the following:

Current assets/ Current liabilities ratio >1,5

Total liabilities/ Total debt ratio <0,7

Total equity/ total liabilities ratio >1,0

That is, none of the major construction companies cumulatively fulfills all of these conditions of financial health except for one subsidiary, Helector of the Ellaktor group.

Since you own such a financially sound company, why do you keep afflicting the market and not paying your group obligations?

The tenders concern the €100 million Ano Liossia Plant of Mechanical Waste Recycling (EMAK), which processes garbage of the Attica Basin, the new Fyli landfill site, with a €30 million budget and the new Green Space project, with a budget of €50 million by the Municipality of Athens. In other words, a €180 million “gift” that the Greek people pay to save the wealth of the “brothers” that keep pressuring the Maximos Mansion by all means.

Do Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Patoulis know about all this or is the government not blackmailed?

In a following report, we will write in detail about the price of waste management.