According to government sources, the first valuation of today’s issue of the 15-year bond of the Hellenic Republic is positive.

First of all, it is emphasized that “the Greek economy receives a vote of confidence from the markets in such a long time, for the first time since the multiannual crisis.” As the sources point out: “15-year Bond = 15-year Trust”

In addition, it is noted that “the Hellenic Republic is borrowing at a very low interest rate, much lower than the corresponding issue of 2009, thus improving the ‘profile’ and sustainability of the public debt” and that “Greece drew €2.5 billion when offered around €19 billion. This highlights the high demand for Greek securities, especially by institutional, long-term, foreign investors.”

Government circles point out that “Greece is keeping investors’ interest high, ensuring its smooth borrowing at historically low market rates.”

They conclude, therefore, that “within six months of Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ governance, Greece regains investor confidence beyond 2032, which has been set as a milestone by European partners and creditors.”