A few days ago, the Greek prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, presented the new Evros fence project, a 27-kilometer-long barrier on the land border with Turkey.

During the project’s negotiation process five companies were sent an invitation to tender and, eventually, four of them submitted a joint bid as a consortium.

The budget of the project was initially estimated at €70,000,000 euros, VAT included; eventually, the negotiation with the consortium led to a discount of 10.03%, and so the final value of the project is standing at €62,980,941, VAT included.

The Consortium consists of the companies Avax, Intrakat, Terna, and Mytilineos, which all responded to the call of the government, proving that they stand behind it. It is also being said that the four construction companies, by responding to the call of the government, effectively demonstrated that they stand beside the country at the current critical juncture. It is quite easy to see who is missing the… party. All the contractors were on the government’s side except for the “National Contractor”, who in this case failed to justify the epithet attributed to him for many years, namely the designation “National”.

The question arises: Why is AΚΤΟR absent from the project? Why did it not respond to the calls of the government and the country? Where is the “National Contractor” at this critical juncture, where the government asked the major construction companies to thoroughly support the “National” effort? The “National Contractor” doesn’t want to or can not be present? According to construction experts, it is both. Besides, it is known that the circumstances are not the best for the once-powerful group, the “collapse” of which and its leaders will cause – as they say – a lot of “noise”. Others go one step further, saying: “The “National Contractors” hope that the government will somehow magically save them from their imminent collapse, but they themselves are not there for the government when it needs them. The National Contractors think that the word “national” means “monopoly”. They want to “have their cake and eat it too”. But times have changed.”

Indeed, these are difficult times for contractors!