Written by Stelios Kouloglou of tvxs.gr

Following his election, a miracle happened: All of a sudden, he is the one who will finally lead a serious opposition and bring the center-left back to the fore. I’m quoting excerpts from “Ta Nea” newspaper, which I read, in order to show you what was written before and – in the second part of the article – what is being written now:

“As for the other candidates, N. Androulakis is an old-fashioned PASOK partisan, despite his relatively young age, and he is also an MEP. However, whoever may the leader of a parliamentary party be, he must also be a member of the Parliament; and for Androulakis this is not possible.” – 13/1/21

“..We also have Nikos Androulakis, who announced that he will run for president of PASOK – KINAL and started his campaign. I sat patiently and listened to how he explained his decision, in various interviews he gave.

I did this with the best of intentions, and yet the only thing I managed to do was to exacerbate my puzzlement: why would this fellow, who has reached the highest point that politics could bring him to (he is an MEP) and the best thing he could wish for would be becoming Minister of Maritime Affairs in a caretaker government, want to become the leader of PASOK…

… I suspect that he does not have a clear picture either. He speaks fast and with a lot of enthusiasm (something he needs to control, since that way he slurs his words more than usual), but he has no serious arguments. Edgeless speech, which attempts to “catch” everything but eventually expresses nothing”. (20-7-2021)

“He speaks with messianic certainty (and frivolity) about how the fate of Social Democracy is to control world capital (sic) for the benefit of humanity.

..Speaking incessantly, he rummages through everything (he also had something to say about the femicides, by the way), but he can not explain the simplest thing, which only he could know: why he wants to become a leader and why he would be a better choice than Fofi. It remains a mystery how such a mediocre politician actually thinks he deserves to lead.

In all fairness, when we have seen Fofi Gennimata as a leader, why would Androulakis not want to become one? How much worse could he be? I will agree with this kind of realist logic. After all, being the president of PASOK is a profession, someone has to do it. No profession is a shame – and I tell you that as a journalist”. 20/7/21

“Loverdos is walking a tightrope, but I can’t blame him. If Fofi and Androulakis were the only ones left in the leadership race, the situation would be so desperate that Kastanidis could actually become president ” – 10/9/21

“Just like Tsipras, Androulakis is also made of old, traditional materials, but he is newly constructed. (In a way, they are like those motorcycles still made in India based on a 1957 British patent…)

..But even if the European Parliament opens a branch in Athens for his [Androulakis’] sake, e.g. on Vasilissis Amalias Avenue, I still wonder how he could exercise the party’s leadership. From the leader’s office in Parliament? Will he occupy a stall at the entrance of the Parliament and use nods and waves? From a seat in the visitor’s galleries? …Let this question concern those who will vote for him… ” – 27/11/21

“Nikos Androulakis is colorless, odorless, tasteless, while his political speech is edgeless and meaningless… He is a typical PASOK partisan, straight out of the assembly line. The only candidate, I believe, that neither of the two major parties would like to win is Andreas Loverdos.” – – 6/12/21

Following the second round of KINAL elections: Androulakis, the right guy

“I won’t focus on the evaluation of the individual measures proposed by Androulakis, but rather on the style of his intervention. He raises the issue directly and concretely, he speaks calmly and gives no quarter to the government. In short, he is a decent opposition. He opposes the government in a way that invites you to consider his criticism” – 29-12-2021

“The initiative of the new president of KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, for a new campaign to be organized by the party, which will urge the citizens to be vaccinated, is the first substantial political proposal in Greek politics in a long time.

Without nagging and minced words, an opposition party claims its role in the political system, addresses the national audience and adds its voice to the common goal, to the common interest …”.

Androulakis begins his term as the leader of his party by demonstrating that he gets what Alexis Tsipras fails to understand: the necessity of reaching consensus on major issues. He is off to a good start”. -20-12-21