Cyprus is still boiling with rage following the unacceptable and offensive statements of Adonis Georgiadis, who claimed that molecular (PCR) COVID-19 tests on the island are “unreliable” and “made in China”. Cypriots are still furious with him, while the degradation of our country continues, as the Cypriot press remarks that a politician like Adonis Georgiadis could only exist in Greece…

Meanwhile, not only does the Prime Minister let Georgiadis keep his position, but also keeps him at the forefront of the communication management of the pandemic, which, of course, means that he is the one to blame for our country’s international humiliation. The following excerpt of an article published in the Cypriot newspaper “Phileleftheros” on Sunday speaks volumes:

“With his well-known tactic of screaming, spewing inaccuracies and muddying the waters, which is synonymous with his political career all these years – in the only country in the world where he could actually be a politician – he provoked the reactions not only of the Minister of Health, the Auditor General and the most prominent member of the AKEL party (he probably deserves… the Nobel Peace Prize), but also of the entire (almost) Cypriot public opinion”.

Elsewhere, the columnist also implicates the Prime Minister who lets Georgiadis keep his position and complains that, through the words of Mr. Georgiadis, the government underestimates the intelligence of the average citizen of the country: “Adonis is an expert, a specialist in this kind of blunders that cause uproar, turmoil, and controversy, coupled with irony, bravado, and games of guilt. That is why, after all, the Greek Prime Minister considers him one of his most precious associates. If he didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent him”. (…)

Generalities and platitudes along the lines of “market conditions over there are different” or “in Cyprus molecular test prices are not fixed” give away the government’s exact opinion about the intelligence level of Greek citizens (…) The Mitsotakis government seems to have given up and to have cynically opted for the solution of “herd immunity”, which will inevitably leave the PM wondering “why are things going from bad to worse?”. They have certainly not given up, however, on the communication part. It is not beneficial to let the members of the herd feel like fools. When you manipulate the ones that feel guilty, you can shift the blame onto them: “you are not worthy of our governance” or otherwise “you will definitely abuse the prescription of PCR tests, because you do not have the appropriate ‘culture’”.

In another article of the same newspaper entitled “He said whatever came into his head, insulting a country”, after the characterization of the minister’s statements about PCR tests in Cyprus as offensive, the following remarks were made, inter alia: “The Greek Minister of Development and Investment would be better off dealing with the development of his own country, which in turn will create jobs and offer better salaries that could justify €47 for a PCR test. So, the bottom line is that poor citizens in Greece are excluded from PCR testing because no middle or lower-income households can afford these prices.

Pricing PCR tests at €47, apart from being a socially unjust measure, also poses a risk to public health because many people will simply not choose to take a PCR test. They will prefer to buy food. When young people in Greece are paid starvation wages, undeclared work is on the rise, and citizens are forced to seek better living conditions outside Greece, it would be better for Mr. Georgiadis to deal with these problems, instead of resorting to petty politics by attacking Cyprus, which offers lower prices for PCR tests. (…) Let’s get to the point. Greece has to follow the example of “small” Cyprus even regarding the management of the pandemic.

“At least in Cyprus we do not have politicians who speak harshly and disparagingly of the unvaccinated and, in fact, rejoice when “punitive” measures are taken. Political ethos and moderation are still to be found in public speech. In stark contrast with Mr. Georgiadis, whose speech is often offensive and controversial. He had better deal with how investments will be made in Greece, how wages will increase, how high prices will be combated, how bureaucracy, taxes, and immigration will be reduced and how the state will achieve a more humane treatment of the citizen”

Another faux pas! He also calls into question the COVID-19 tests in Canada.
With the total support of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis continues to embarrass Greece internationally through his unacceptable statements.
The abysmal minister, in his attempt to justify the high cost of molecular COVID-19 tests in Greece, the profiteering that he is covering up, and the failed management of the pandemic by the government, also “attacked” Canada (after Cyprus), by claiming, more or less, that over there no PCR, rapid or self-tests are conducted, KN95 masks do not exist, while there are barely any pharmacies…

In order to convince everyone, he posted on his Twitter profile a dialogue between a family in Greece and their relatives in Canada, writing: “A dialogue between a family in Greece and their relatives in Canada regarding how they are currently experiencing the pandemic in Canada (one of the richest and most organized countries in the world) in comparison to our country. I’m hearing whining all day, but in reality, Greece is doing relatively well”. This was written by the vice president of N.D. on Twitter, who also posted the relevant dialogue, as follows:

“So, to understand what country we are living in, in Canada there are no KN95 masks – not even a sample – as they arrive in pharmacies and within two minutes they are already gone, no rapid or self-tests are conducted, molecular tests are in great demand, also pharmacies over there are not like the ones here – one in every city block – but are rather hard to find…”. Fortunately, there has been no reaction from Canada yet – That’s something!