By Dimitris Bekiaris

Some time ago, during a private discussion, an experienced political observer said the following: “We will all recognize that the government is about to fall, when Mitsotakis starts blaming specific interests”.

It has happened quite a few times in our country’s turbulent political history. Crumbling governments, governments that eventually become the object of people’s anger, often indicate the war waged on them by specific interests as the reason for their rapid corrosion.

Let’s be honest, Kyriakos Mitsotakis was placed in the position of prime minister by certain corrupt and well-structured interests that scrounge off the Greek people. Business centers, political groups, and foreign power mechanisms took the incompetent offspring of the “Holy” political family by the hand, undertook to exercise, as a propaganda mechanism, the most despicable and dirty political opposition of the last few decades, they demanded guarantees, they received promises – and here we are, today.

The country is profoundly ravaged by the Mitsotakis pandemic.

The difference, in contrast to the previous period, is that now the media and the putrid propaganda mechanism funded with the money of the Greek people through the Petsas list (among others) can no longer hide the fact that at the helm of the government stands the most incompetent person to ever hold the position of prime minister. As long as the disastrous Mitsotakis ”troupe” leads the greek government, our country is in grave danger; the Greek people have already realized this and they keep realizing it every day, despite the constant media-driven blarney of “Moses” and his wife, the ultra-elegant young ”Queen Frederica”.

Developments are now rapid and they show that ”the Emperor has no clothes”. The consequences of the disastrous management of the pandemic, both in the health and the finance sectors, the outrageous cover-up of child sexual abuse cases, the Koufontinas case, and the sell-off of the Aegean Sea to Turkey, with the assistance of the ELIAMEP group, create a volatile atmosphere in Greek society. Experts of the ”backstage” and political analysts quietly agree, without voicing it aloud yet, that the corrosion of the Mitsotakis government will continue at such a rapid pace and to such an extent, that it will inevitably come crashing down.

Even Mitsotakis himself has woken up to the new reality that is taking shape, confessing the other day in Parliament that the journey to his own political desert, the countdown for the end of his own government has just begun. And how did he do that? By supporting Lina Mendoni in the Lignadis case, talking about a war of interests on the Hellinikon investment!

I must confess that I did not expect Mitsotakis to confirm so soon the experienced political analyst to whom I referred at the beginning of this article.

Besides, he had taken care of and had satisfied the demands of the 4 or 5 families that actually rule the country and he firmly believed that – with the assistance of the dirty propaganda mechanism of his friends – he would complete his four-year term as a new “Moses”, having at his side the ”ultra-elegant” Mareva of the scandals, who is deeply despised by the Greek people.

Nevertheless, as said by general Clausewitz, even the best battle plan is overturned during battle.

Mitsotakis’ course from now on will only be downward, until he finally leaves Maximos Mansion and the country has again the hope of being saved.

PS: The resignation of Tarantilis is just the beginning. Not everyone can bear to cover up such abominations.