By Dimitris Bekiaris

Alexis Tsipras is the undisputed – for the time being, at least – leader of the Democratic Alignment. He is a focal point for the democratic people of Greece, while being the main rival of the Right in the country.

People’s collective conscience is under the impression that SYRIZA has no future without Alexis Tsipras. Understandably – He is the person who took over a marginal political party and turned it into a governing one, despite the occasional naivety and all the mistakes made under his leadership.

The current juncture, however, is crucial for both SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras, who may have completed 13 years at the helm of the official opposition party, but still has his own fears and insecurities.

It was these insecurities that led SYRIZA to the disastrous mismanagement of the media during the years it governed the country. Wheeler-dealers, washed up representatives of the past decades’ corruption, and has-been businessmen aspiring to make their return clung onto SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras, played their game, and in the end… it was SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras who lost.

And while the naive former “awesome children of Maximos Mansion” suffered from the “pastures” and should have “learned” from their mistakes, it seems that they have not wised up and are ready to suffer again. Meanwhile, the corrupt media flatter them by telling them that lately they “play hardball” in the field of media…

But let’s get to the point

Alexis Tsipras is powerful in SYRIZA. There is no doubt about that. Nevertheless, he is well aware that no one can remain in the leadership of a governing party for his whole life, at least in the context of the bourgeois parliamentary democracy. The former prime minister and current leader of the official opposition is attempting – in parallel with the exercise of his official opposition duties – to prepare for the management of a possible new electoral defeat (Read more HERE). Is there a worthy opponent for Alexis Tsipras in SYRIZA? The answer is no. Inside the “microcosm” of the official opposition party, Alexis Tsipras maintains absolute control and is able to launch and direct the developments. There is no serious contender in SYRIZA and even if there was one, he would have been no match for Alexis Tsipras.

Alexis Tsipras is only worried about a person who does not belong to SYRIZA, but to the wider political “area” of the Left, who found himself out of politics due to falling victim to a “dirty” story, and whom, many years ago, some useful idiots in SYRIZA had rushed to “anoint” as Alexis Tsipras’ successor, thus targeting him as a “dauphin” long before SYRIZA became government and throwing him to the wolves.

That story is old. However, today, some events in the “backstage” have alarmed the president of SYRIZA.

Here’s how “the game is played”

A well-known, but also controversial businessman, with open financial affairs from the past, has undertaken the financing of the activities of the potential rival of Alexis Tsipras for the leadership of the Left. The said businessman had approached the government of Alexis Tsipras, during the years of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government. Their subsequent relationship was so close that the former prime minister himself had visited the businessman’s office. When the government baton was passed to New Democracy, the businessman sought to get closer to Mitsotakis, who also visited his office. Nonetheless, his “flirtation” with the current prime minister did not go as planned. It did not even evolve into an “engagement”, let alone a “marriage”.

Therefore, the businessman decided to support by any means possible not only SYRIZA, but also the case of the Left as a whole. In this context, he decided to empower the… future opponent of Alexis Tsipras, the “new Tsipras”. The “new Tsipras” is still trying to keep a low profile; for he knows that it’s not yet the time for his comeback. He refutes and denies all that is said and written about his involvement in the political scene. However, the “invisible” forces of the structured interests have already begun to carefully build his profile. They have started through a Lifestyle media campaign involving his family life.

Τhe businessman himself informed Alexis Tsipras that he supports – even by financing some of his activities – the “new Tsipras”, and the intense reaction of the president of SYRIZA was expressed through an anxious “Why him?”, which betrayed his insecurity. The businessman made sure to inform certain people about the aforementioned events, and the game… has just begun.

The “filth” of the past, and the future.

Some say that a key role in the “deconstruction” and the dirty games of the aspiring future leader of the Left was secretly played by some individuals belonging to the inner circle of Alexis Tsipras (It is said that the president of SYRIZA had no idea about any of that and, thus, he did not approve such actions). Nothing was hidden anymore. They exploited people who could not manage themselves due to alcohol, in order to spread the news about the “filth”.

The businessman, on his part, is probably haunted by his own megalomania. He believes that he can determine developments by betting – since he loves… betting – on rival “horses”, in a game that has started early in the backstage and will soon occupy the political news columns.

As for the current leading team of SYRIZA? The slogan “Next time will be different” is not enough. The “pastures” may… not be the same as before, but they will not cease to be pastures!