While Kyriakos Mitsotakis is blithely enjoying his winter vacation, even as the pandemic death toll has exceeded 20,000 in Greece, the daily cases are skyrocketing, the Greek economy is on the brink of collapse, and a new strict lockdown is just around the corner, the pollsters, panicked, are frantically working in the background.

They are expecting a sharp drop in New Democracy’s poll numbers following the holidays. The shocking failure of the pandemic management by the Mitsotakis “troupe”, the inevitable decline of food and entertainment services, and all related upcoming misfortunes are definitely not the best omen for the “circus” that rules this country.

The rage of society is now unbridled. Breaking political developments are expected, while political analysts in the background estimate that the election percentages of ND will drop below 30%. Maximos Mansion is already aware of all this, and they have already suffered the first shock.

The question now is: Will the completely unreliable pollsters continue to portray the failed Mitsotakis and his extremely unpopular government as “the indisputable leaders” of the polls?