By Dimitris Bekiaris

During their recent speeches in the Greek Parliament, concerning the State budget, both Alexis Tsipras and Fofi Gennimata agreed on the following: The utter need for progressive governance and replacement of the Mitsotakis government.

The said agreement of the two political leaders, understandably, gave birth to scenarios and rumors that were impressed in both political and political-gossip columns of the print and electronic media.

Alexis Tsipras and Fofi Gennimata were well aware, before taking the Parliamentary floor, that the identicalness of their positions would make “noise” and lead to rampant rumors. And that, because on the one hand, until today, the distance that separated the two of them was great, on the other hand there are imminent intra-party processes in the Movement for Change (KINAL) for the election of new leadership, as well as the possibility of early parliamentary elections.

Thus, at the moment there is ardent political reporting, with the common conclusion of political editors and analysts being that “the ice is breaking” and that SYRIZA and KINAL are leaning towards rapprochement, which may create conditions for rearranging the political scene and altering existing political relations.

To date, Alexis Tsipras has repeatedly raised the issue of mobilizing the progressive political forces on a common programmatic approach. Last spring, the president of SYRIZA addressed an indirect but clear invitation to Fofi Gennimata, under the code name “elaboration of a progressive plan”.

It is no lie that the communication channels between SYRIZA and KINAL have been wide open since that period, ie since April-May 2020, with the associates of Alexis Tsipras and Fofi Gennimata launching exploratory talks, while the staff of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is monitoring closely and with great concern the developments in the political spectrum defined as “centre-left”.

Until last spring, however, – or until today, if you will – it was the leadership of KINAL and its constant alignment with New Democracy – acting as the “tail of the Right” – that blurred the narrative of the “programmatic approach for cooperation” in people’s consciousness.

But what has changed so much in recent times to make SYRIZA’s future cooperation with the Movement for Change seem more feasible?

No, Alexis Tsipras and Fofi Gennimata did not suddenly grow fond of each other. The emergence of Andras Loverdos, currently on trial for the Novartis scandal, as a candidate for the leadership of the Movement for Change, the fact that certain media groups and polling organizations show him leading the said intra-party race, the activation of the “Simitis system” in order to support the Mitsotakis government, and the fact the advocates of the “Samaras-Venizelos” government are back in the limelight have sounded the alarm in KINAL, amid fears of political isolation and collapse between the two powerful poles of Greece’s political system; The alarm is raised not only in the staff of the leader of the once-powerful PASOK, but also in business interests that promote – for their own reasons – the idea of SYRIZA’s cooperation with KINAL, in order to prevent Fofi’s party from being dragged back into a humiliating collaboration with the Right, at any level.

In this context, Fofi Gennimata is forced to adjust her strategy and, of course, decide whether to get rid of the “weights”. The fact that Andreas Loverdos openly appears as an ally of the radical Right, which is represented by certain circles within New Democracy, but also the fact that he is an “iconic” figure of the “Novartis party” leave no room to Fofi Gennimata but to abandon the “Anti-SYRIZA” stance and rhetoric and to adopt “Anti-Right” political discourse that will, de facto, reduce the chasm that separates her from SYRIZA and pave the way for a programmatic agreement, even minimal.

However, there is another important aspect: As written above, there are certain business interests that for their own reasons seek and want to see the soonest the formation of the alliance of progressive political forces and the completion of the procedural framework for the demarcation of the Anti-Right counterweight in political life. Towards this direction, there is the expressed will of a key economic player, who has the way and the ability to influence – as a key player in the economic and political life of the country – the developments, as well as the critical decisions of top politicians.

A well-informed source of ours claimed in a private discussion that this economic player “would never allow Andreas Loverdos to take over the KINAL”.

The aforementioned claim along with other, fully verified information, according to which other powerful players of the country’s financial life, who are connected to each other as communication vessels, are also looking for communication channels with SYRIZA and are determined to support from now on, in the post-pandemic era, the official opposition party, or at least are keeping equal distance from Alexis Tsipras’ party and New Democracy, in order to prevent the establishment of a type of one-party State of the Right, are clear signs of what is to come, given also that the current residents of Maximos Mansion are always considering calling early parliamentary elections in the summer, after the vaccinations of the Greek population are completed, of course.